Private label

Interested in developing your own brand with only organic ingredients?

We pack and blend 100% organic grains, rice, nuts, seeds, pulses, flours, powders and more. We can also give you advice about custom-made mixes.

What we offer

We offer more than 1000 different organic ingredients directly from our organic farmers and producers. Fully transparent, traceable and provided with the necessary certificates.

We not only have just organic ingredients, we also aim to have the most sustainable way of handling and packaging. We pack in plastic free and compostable foil and labels. In doing this, the packaging easily fits in our philosophy of corporate social responsibility.

In short

  • biodegradable and compostable film
  • BRC Food certified
  • Tapeless and 100% compostable outer carton
  • Maximum certification level on bio-based content
  • Long shelf-life
  • Labels and ink certified compostable


Packaging options

We are flexible and open to your wishes. We now offer packaging with the following features:

  • Stand-up foil bags, quadroseal
  • 100 – 1000 grams in any desirable grammage
  • 5kg paper bags
  • Dimensions: 4 different dimensions in width
  • Appearance: 100% transparent or opal
  • Shelf life: long shelf life


Social impact

Last but not least, packing with us will also have a positive impact on your social footprint. By choosing to pack with us you accelerate not only the development of organic farming. You also reduce plastic waste and indirectly support our projects in local communities.  And you will contribute to our social inclusion program. Because we accept everybody who has the skills and motivation to be part of our team.


Together we can develop the best assortment and packaging to suit your specific market place.  

Why choose DO-IT for your private label?

We stock your products and labels

We can provide all the necessary certificates


We develop it together